compassio community May 13, 2022
Five Star Review

“The ENT course helped improve my diagnostic skills tremendously. The knowledge gained from such a hands on approach to learning increased my confidence and definitely raised the bar for my own practice. This type of collaborative learning, guided by an ENT specialist, is an education experience like no other. This course truly is one of a kind.
Collin Thomas, CPNP-PC

“The Compassio ENT course is next level education at its best. The insight gained from the collaboration between nurse practitioners, like myself, physician specialists, and other providers is an invaluable resource that I have yet to find anywhere else. After completing the course, my own clinical skills improved, helping truly set me apart from my peers.”
Michelle Emery, CPNP-PC

“I thought I knew enough to work as a competent NP in the Emergency Department and Urgent Care setting, but this course brought my skills and diagnostic abilities to the next level. I would recommend this to anyone in primary care and urgent care settings that want to take their games to the next level.”
Jacob Neal, FNP-C, ENP-C

“There are so many wonderful aspects of this ENT course for the primary care provider. From the thorough A&P, live videos, hands on demonstration, procedural education all the way to billing education and support. As a new nurse practitioner, one of the most valuable aspects of this course is not only the education regarding correct referral and collaboration, but the encouragement of collaboration. The understanding of meaningful collaboration not only contributes to better outcomes for patients, but truly provides the much needed support for the practitioners as well.”
Kimberly May, FNP